“Too good an idea not to do”

Tedious Brief Productions began like all great ideas: as a joke.

In 2008, a man named Kevin Pease published a blog post with a few lines of Pulp Fiction translated into Shakespearean-style dialogue. The post went viral and Pease eventually created a wiki for others to add onto what he’d started. After a few weeks and only a few rough scenes written, interest died down. That’s when Aaron Greer approached Ben Tallen and Brian Watson-Jones with the idea of continuing the project, saying that it was simply “too good an idea not to do.”

Fringe Festival hits

2009 Minnesota FringeThe three edited and reworked the pieces that had been written and created the remaining scenes to finish the play they called Bard Fiction. Along with Noë Tallen, they produced the play as part of the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival where the play received rave reviews and sold the highest number of tickets of any show at the ’09 festival.

In 2011, the four returned to the Minnesota Fringe Festival to produce Tempests and in 2013 to produce The Final Act, each also written by Greer, Tallen, and Watson-Jones.

Tedious Brief is everywhere!

Check out all the theatres in North America that have produced or are producing Tedious Brief Productions plays.  Interested in producing one of the plays at your theatre?  Get in touch!

Tedious Brief Productions Onstage

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Bard Fiction by Theater Pops in Tulsa, OK: 36.154478, -95.989397
Bard Fiction by Beyond the Mountain Productions in Toronto, ON, Canada: 43.663280, -79.410592
Bard Fiction by Commedia Beauregard in Chicago, IL: 41.923279, -87.645433
Tempests at Brown University in Providence, RI: 41.826777, -71.402556
Bard Fiction by Beyond the Mountain Productions of Montreal, Quebec: 45.516902, -73.578839
Bard Fiction and Tempests by Tedious Brief Productions in Minneapolis, MN: 44.970331, -93.242405
The Final Act by Tedious Brief Productions in Minneapolis, MN: 45.077400, -93.156509
Bard Fiction (or Pulp Shakespeare) by Theatre Asylum in LA: 34.090600, -118.327622


Produce a Tedious Brief Play

It’s easy to produce a Tedious Brief Productions play on your stage – just get in touch to request a script and/or talk about cost.